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How to define names in Excel (tables)

Transpose Function in Excel

Discover shortcuts to create Excel tables and rename them; learn how to define selections and name them. Use structured references in Excel formulas to save time!

How to format graphs in Excel

Learn how to format graphs in Excel for a more professional look: remove gridlines, style your graph title and rename axis labels.

Insert drop-down in Excel like a pro

Insert Drop-down List in Excel

Drop-down in Excel: learn how to insert Data Validation, modify drop-down lists and remove them with ease. And discover why Data Validation is greyed out.

AutoSum shortcut: quick sum of column (Excel)

The AutoSum shortcut or how to save time to calculate sum of columns or rows in Excel. Learn how to use AutoSum in MS Excel with our various examples (with short videos and with images).

How to use COUNTIF: greater than

COUNTIF: greater than, less than, not blank; this Excel function is so handy! Learn how to use it in your spreadsheets with Ted Jordan.