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5 keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel/Google Sheets (+ 1 Bonus)

Excel shortcuts help you become more efficient when you want to select cells, for example. No more scrolling while working in Google Sheets or Microsoft worksheets!

Aren’t you tired scrolling up and down to select or reach the last cells in your spreadsheets? Discover new efficient ways to select cells by simply pressing a few keys on your keyboard. Ready to learn?

If you combine Cmd+Arrow (up, down, left or right), you’ll be able to go to the first/last cell including data or to the first/last cell of your document. And this can be done vertically or horizontally!

Press Shift+Arrow (up, down, left or right) to select cells in Excel or Google Sheets. And if you want to select all the cells vertically and horizontally between 2 cells, you can click on the 1st cell, press Shift then click on the last cell of your selection.

For example, if you want to select cells from A3 to C6: click on A3, press Shift and click on C6.

In Google Sheets:

+ Shift +

In Excel:

+ Shift +

Pressing Cmd, Shift and an Arrow key in MS Excel or in Google Sheets, will combine the power of the 2 above shortcuts we mentioned: you will be able to select all cells from your starting point to the last cell(s) containing data in any direction.

Note that if you press the same keys again, your selection will be extended to the next cells containing data or to the last cells of the document.

The combination Ctrl+Shift+Arrow has the same effects as Cmd+Shift+Arrow in Excel or Google Sheets. See above for more information.

Pressing Cmd+A inside your spreadsheet will select all the cells containing data or all the cells of your spreadsheet, depending on where your first selection is.

Bonus: In Excel, the Control+A shortcut will produce the same result as if you were pressing Cmd+A.

Now, you know some great shortcut tricks to save time while working on your spreadsheets!
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