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Using ctr z and ctr y in excel to redo or undo an action.

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How to redo or undo an action on Mac

Undo, redo, repeat: what are the shortcuts? Add a new skill by checking our quick tutorial regarding these actions. Command Z and Command Y will become your new favourite shortcuts!

You probably know the shortcut Command+Z (or Cmd Z) to undo an action in Excel or Word. But do you know how to redo an action if you pressed Command+Z too many times?

Discover a handy trick to undo or redo actions in Excel worksheets or in Google Docs by watching our video or by reading our tutorial below!

Ready to save time when making mistakes in Excel?

One of the basic shortcut keys to know is Command+Z!

Use Cmd+Z (Command Z) to undo the previous action(s) in your documents. On Mac, it works with many programs so why not using it?

Don’t panic if you pressed the shortcut Command and Z keys too many times: you can cancel Cmd+Z by pressing Cmd+Y instead!

Command+Y let you redo an action in many programs like Excel, Google Docs or Word.

Did you know you can use Command Y to repeat an action?

Save time while writing a text or editing tables in Google Spreadsheets or Excel by repeating your last action: press Command+Y to do so!

The Cmd Y keyboard shortcut lets you repeat your last action and can be used in many documents on Mac.

To resume:

  • Command+Z : Undo an action
  • Command+Y : Redo or repeat an action

Now, you know how to use Cmd Z and Cmd Y!

Discover more keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel or Google Sheets here.