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Navigating with Tab, Enter, and Shift Key on Excel.

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How to move between cells when arrow keys are not working (Excel)

Learn how to move between Excel cells without using your mouse or arrow keys. Discover more shortcuts and tricks below!

Did you know you could navigate through Excel Spreadsheets using your keyboard only? There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to use in MS Excel; today we focus on moving between cells.

You would think moving between cells is easy using arrow keys; yes it is but sometimes it does not work. Today, learn how to do it if it happens to you.

Navigating through Excel like a pro becomes easier and easier the more you use shortcut keys. We already shared with you some of them, like Command, Shift, Arrow combinations. Check this article if you don’t know how to use these keys!

If arrow keys are not working, press Tab to go to the next cell horizontally.

If you want to select the previous cell, horizontally, press Shift+Tab (in this order or simultaneously).

Going to the next cell, vertically in Excel, can be done by pressing the arrow key down or by simply pressing Enter.

Press Shift then Enter (or both keys simultaneously) to move to the cell above the one you selected.

Next time arrow keys don’t work, you know what to do!

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