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Design and Unformat Tables in Excel

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Design and unformat tables in Excel

Unformat Excel table easily and design it like a pro within seconds! Convert cell range to a table and vice versa.

Unformat Excel tables and design them the way you want to highlight data. Customise your Excel table to match your brand identity or match customers’ colours.

You will be able to do all these after reading our quick Excel tutorial!

Watch our short video on the right to learn how to customise your Excel table.

If you want to remove table format in Excel, continue to read.

Ready to learn new Excel tips and tricks?

Convert cell range to a table in Microsoft Excel by selecting it and clicking Format as Table in the Home tab. Select the design you like to apply it to your selection.

The Table tab will open: you can now enable or disable the options you want such as Total Row, Filter Button, Header Row, etc.

The shortcut to convert cell range to table in MS Excel is Command + T.

Select the cell range you want to convert to an Excel table then press Cmd + T.

The Create Table window will open with your selection. By default the table has headers: if you don’t want any headers in your Excel table, untick the box before clicking OK.

Remove table format in Excel by selecting the table then the rubber icon (in Home) and clicking Clear Formats.

You can now customise your Excel table the way you like if needed.

Convert an Excel table to range by following these steps:

  • Select your entire table
  • Go to Table
  • Click Convert to Range then Yes

Doing so let you keep the format of your cells without keeping the table features.

Now, you know how to unformat Excel tables and how to convert a range of cells to a table by selecting the Table tool or using the shortcut we mentioned. As a reminder, the Create Table shortcut in Excel is Command + T.

Unformatting tables in Excel is easy and let you customise tables the way you want. In another quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to remove gridlines in Excel.

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