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Freezing Multiple Rows on Excel

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How to freeze multiple rows in Excel

Pin top row and column in Excel in only 2 clicks and learn how to freeze multiple rows in less than 10 seconds!

Learn how to lock the top row in Excel in only 2 clicks! Apply the same technique to freeze the first column in your worksheet.

If you need to freeze multiple rows in MS Excel, check our quick tutorial below!

We will show you how to make several rows and columns always visible, at the same time, using an efficient technique. Stop scrolling up and down or left and right all the time by freezing panes in Excel.

Ready to save time?

To lock the first row in Excel, click View then Freeze Top Row. That’s it! We told you it could be done in only 2 clicks.

In Excel, freeze the column header by selecting View then Freeze First Column.

Freeze multiple rows or columns in Excel, or a mix of columns and rows in 3 clicks!

If you want to freeze several rows, select the first row you don’t need to freeze or the first cell below the rows you want to freeze. Check the video on the right to know how to do it!

Freeze multiple columns in Excel by selecting the first column you don’t need to freeze or the first cell to the left of the columns you want to lock. Watch our quick video to learn how to do this!

Freeze top and side panes by selecting the first cell next and under the columns/rows you want to lock. Then click View > Freeze Panes.

Watch how to do it in less than 10 seconds!

Unfreeze panes by clicking View then Unfreeze Panes.

Now, you know how to pin rows and columns in Excel and how to unfreeze them!

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