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Excel trick: how to get workbook stats

Discover a new Excel trick thanks to Ted Jordan: how to get workbook stats quickly.

Get workbook stats to check if some sheets are hidden or how big your workbook is getting.

Discover how to get these useful Excel statistics quickly.

Ready to learn?

You can access Excel workbook stats using shortcut keys or by selecting the Workbook Statistics button. Learn now how to do these actions like a pro!

The shortcut to get workbook stats in Excel is Control+Shift+G on Mac.

Get access to Workbook Statistics in Excel by selecting Review then Workbook Statistics. This Excel tool is represented by a table and numbers “123”.

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In Microsoft Excel, the Workbook Statistics tool displays information about the current worksheet and workbook. If you wish to get worksheet stats for a specific worksheet, make sure to open it before pressing the keyboard shortcut keys Control+Shift+G.

Get workbook stats in Excel to access data about the current worksheet you are working on and workbook.

You’ll be able to check how many cells contain data, how many Excel formulas are used, the number of charts and tables, etc.

Excel Workbook Statistics window.

Use Workbook Statistics to check if some worksheets have been hidden in the Excel workbook you just opened. To do so, press Control+Shift+G and compare the number of sheets with the number of displayed sheets in your workbook.

If the number of sheets in Workbook Statistics is higher than the number of sheets you see in your workbook: one or more sheets have been hidden.

Excel Workbook Statistics window with number of sheets highlighted.

Now, you know how to get workbook stats quickly in Excel: select the tool button or use the Workbook Statistics shortcut. One more Excel trick to add to your resume!

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