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How to make gridlines invisible in Excel

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How to make gridlines invisible in Excel

Make gridlines invisible or change the gridlines colour in your Excel workbook after reading our quick tutorial. Plenty of examples to learn from!

Are you trying to make gridlines invisible in your Excel worksheet? If so, check our short video or read our quick Excel tutorial to discover how to do it!

Gridlines are useful when you want to distinguish cells in your worksheet but can be overwhelming when looking at some data. Also, we recommend deleting gridlines in Excel before sharing your spreadsheet with colleagues or customers: you’ll look more professional.

Ready to learn how to remove the grid view on MS Excel?

There are various ways to remove gridlines in Excel: via the Page Layout tab, the View tab or by pressing Command + , then clicking View.

To delete gridlines in Excel, go to Page Layout then untick View under Gridlines.

If you are curious to know how we rotated rows to columns in the example, check this Excel tutorial.

Make gridlines invisible by clicking View then unticking Gridlines.

Make the grid view invisible by changing the gridlines colour or by unselecting Gridlines. Press Cmd + , then click View and untick Gridlines.

We show you where is the option in a 10-second-video below!

If you don’t want to delete gridlines but just want to change its colour, follow these quick steps:

  • Press Command then ,
  • Click View
  • Then replace the automatic colour next to Gridlines

 You can also untick Gridlines there to remove the grid view in your Excel worksheet.

There is no shortcut on Mac to enable or disable Gridlines in Excel but you can create one!

Go to Tools>Customise Keyboard…>Page Layout Tab>Grid then press the shortcut key you want to use.

If you need help creating your own Excel shortcut, click here.

Now, you know how to modify the gridlines colour in Excel and how to make gridlines invisible on worksheets. What do you want to learn next?

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