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Trim Function Excel

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How to trim spaces in Excel

Remove extra spaces quickly in your spreadsheets with the TRIM function! Watch our videos to learn from examples.

How do I remove extra spaces in Excel? How to trim extra spaces in texts?

These are questions a lot of people like you are asking and we have the solution!

Indeed, you can delete extra spaces using this Excel formula: TRIM. The TRIM function deletes all spaces from text except for single ones between words.

In Microsoft Excel and in Google Spreadsheets, the TRIM syntax is =TRIM(text).

text can be a cell reference containing text or a text value between quotation marks (“”).

Great news, TRIM is one of the easiest functions to use in Excel! Check the examples below to learn how to use it:

If you want to enter text directly in the formula, just enter your text within quotations marks (“”).

For example, =TRIM(“Do you know   how to use the TRIM function in Excel?”) will give you this result: Do you know how to use the TRIM function in Excel?

Now, you know how to trim extra spaces!