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What is CTV advertising?

With more than 111M households using CTVs in the US, CTV advertising continues to gain more users, from small to large companies. Discover what CTV advertising is and some important information about it, before launching your first CTV campaign.

What is O&O Advertising?

Discover one more important jargon term used in Programmatic Advertising: O&O advertising. Get familiar with O&O formats and advantages.

Best DSPs for Programmatic Advertising

Ted Jordan shares his list of best DSPs for Programmatic Advertising so you don’t have to lose time searching the internet to find the right Demand-Side Platform for your campaigns.

3rd party pixels and cookies

Welcome to the world of 3rd party data: discover why pixels and cookies are important and what their role in programmatic advertising is.

Programmatic Advertising 101: Pixels

Programmatic: Pixels in Advertising 101

Learn the basics of Programmatic Advertising with Ted Jordan! Today, we explain what a pixel is in advertising with simple words and expertise. Ready to learn?

Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) Explained

Programmatic Advertising: What is a SSP?

SSPs basics in advertising: learn what Supply-Side Platforms are used for and who use them. Get familiar with more programmatic advertising technical terms.

What are DSPs?

Programmatic Advertising: What is a DSP?

A DSP is a great tool to use but what does DSP stand for in marketing? What are some Demand-Side Platforms examples? Today, we answer your questions!